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    BERKELEY, CA, July 1, 2005– What do Got Fleas? Got Fish? and Got Freud? all have in common? They’re all rip-offs of the iconic advertising campaign, GOT MILK? Now they’ve made it on to the top 100 GOT RIPPED OFF? list. And they’re gaining recognition from an unlikely place, the GOT MILK? creators themselves.

    “We love them,” says Jeff Manning, California Milk Processor Board (CMPB). “They actually help us sell milk. Consumers hear Got Muscle? or Got Mongoose? and say ‘What a stupid rip-off of GOT MILK?'”According to the GOT MILK? folks, they started seeing rip-offs soon after the campaign broke in late 1993 and still get new ones every week. ”

    People copy GOT MILK?

    because it’s short, simple and easy to remember,” stresses Manning. “No other campaign has become so much a part of American vernacular.” “GOT MILK?

    dramatizes the agony of running out of milk. Somehow running out of catnip doesn’t have the same impact.”What’s your favorite rip-off? Got Beer? Got Brains? Got Broadband? would cost millions and GotChicken is a great second choice and much more affordable!

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